Southern Kicks And Hockey Sticks

"Poetry, Complicated, simply stated"
Cassandra. 18. Chi-Town. Future UW Badger in the fall. Hockey, country music, and laughter are the most important things in life. Along with the Chicago Blackhawks. Welcome to my twisted mind. Like Sugarland says, "Enjoy the Ride"

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Jonny plays ball hockey with (read: runs around after) kids in Labrador City (no wonder he was making jokes about babysitting Kaner)

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Favorite album right now is Brantley Gilbert’s “Just As I Am”!  It is so good all the way through.  Worth every penny!

Check it out now:

Maya the Newfoundland & Zuni the APBT

Baby Zeus, the cuddliest wolf dog ever

Puppy Love
Shadow the wolf pup stole our hearts. Who could resist that smile!?
text posts + pierre mcguire // (insp.)

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Always the outcome of trail riding with the windows down.


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I love him. That. That answer right there. Just wow. All my respect.


this is the sort of web content i am looking to see every day

A kangaroo petting a Rottweiler. Love it hahaha.

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